Milford high school student dies

Milford Police cars parked outside the town's Jonathan Law High School on Friday morning, April 25. A student was stabbed around 7 a.m., reportedly over a prom date.

Milford Police cars parked outside the town’s Jonathan Law High School on Friday morning, April 25. A student was stabbed around 7 a.m., reportedly over a prom date. (Ned Gerard / CT Post)

UPDATE: Milford police chief Keith Mello says student has died.

The prom has been postponed.

Police would not speculate on the prom date report, but they are investigating that angle. “We’ll get the bottom of it or how it happened or why it happened,” Mello said.

Assault happened in hallway. Part of the attack was seen by a teacher.

Confirmed the victim is Maren Sanchez, 16.

The boy who attacked her is unidentified. He is 16.

The teen is in custody.

School was very secure.

School was not equipped with metal detectors.

Counseling made available for students, staff.

The school was dismissed early so police could investigate.

Mello stressed it was an isolated incident.

No plans for memorial service yet.

MILFORD– A female Jonathan Law High School student was stabbed shortly after 7 AM in what sources say was a dispute over a prom date.

Several sources said a boy stabbed the girl because she won’t go to the prom with him. Police have not confirmed that report.

The school’s prom is scheduled for tonight at Vazzano’s Four Seasons banquet hall in Stratford. There was no word on whether the prom would still go on.

The student, a junior at the school, has been taken to Bridgeport Hospital. One source said the student was slashed in the throat and is in critical condition.

Several students identified the girl who was stabbed as Maren Sanchez.

Some students, holding hands and crying, say the girl who was stabbed is in “really bad” shape.

The stabbing triggered a lock down at the school and later an early dismissal at 9 AM.

Police and school officials stressed it was an isolated incident between two

Milford police remain at the school and have blocked off areas of the parking lot.

Police and school officials remain on the scene.

After hearing the news a number of parents rushed to the school to get information.

Police are assuring the parents that students are safe.

Fire Capt. Gregory Carman said fire crews were dispatched to the Lansdale Avenue school on a report of a stabbing.

Jonathan Law Principal Fran Thompson sent a message to parents saying there was a physical altercation between two students at the school, and one student required medical attention and was transported to a local hospital.

Milford police chief and school superintendent are coming to scene of JLHS stabbing to brief large media contingent.

We’ll be filing updates on this developing story.

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Frank Juliano

50 Responses

  1. denise dapp says:

    this is crazy this is murder and that boy gets what he gets he took this young pretty girls life over some thing that makes no sense damit when a girl says no listen it means no walk the other way he did not have to do this an he put all her family and friends and even those that didnt know them in tears im very upset and sad by this this is sick this kid makes me want to tell my girls to stay away from men im so sorry ot her entire family to her boyfriend friends i cryed when i heard this i have teen daughters and cant even think of what her parents are going through so sorry much love and you will be in my familys prays and thoughts god bless you all..from bpt ct

  2. Anne says:

    He didn’t get the date he wanted to prom so he stabbed a girl until she was dead? We need to train boys to handle rejection better. There is no friend zone. There are other people who aren’t interested. Stop teaching boys they’re entitled to whatever girl they want and we can stop so much of this.

  3. Angela Caselle says:

    This was NOT a hallway dispute. This was a murder.

  4. Brandon says:

    How dare you use to the term “dispute” as if Maren’s rejection of this boy was a fault of hers. How dare you.

  5. Avalon says:

    Why is this mentioned as a dispute? with all due respect, if a girl says no, it’s no. It’s no dispute it’s about a little brat with violent issues killing a young girl over nothing.

  6. David Irons says:

    I wish this would had happen in Texas. This deserves the death sentence cause it was premeditated, all plan out with hate if she said no. True justice is death. No mercy. Just punishment.

  7. Sick of Misfits says:

    So NOW, we know the MURDERER and we are protecting him by withholding his name – YEAH for us – Now spend BIG BUCKS and many years paying off all the heroes in the corrupt legal system, establishing his guilt (we really don’t want to make any mistakes about this, want to make sure they got the real MURDERER !!). Why didn’t we spend some of this money and energy to protect that beautiful, innocent young Angel, instead of exposing her innocent young life to half-baked, mentally unbalanced Misfits, who walk the streets, threatening and criminally assaulting innocent lives. Guess we are too busy, making sure that the populations Civil Rights are properly protected. Sounds like we picked the wrong set of people to interpret what our Founding Fathers meant by Freedom and Democracy.

  8. GhostWriter says:

    This is what your system of patriarchy has brought down upon the life of a 16 year old girl. Male entitlement has taught boys that “I’m owed by life to date the pretty girl I want”. Male entitlement has taught boys that “If I can’t have the thing (aka: the pretty girl) I want, then no one can!”. Male entitlement has taught boys “If the thing I want (aka: the pretty girl) refuses me, then it deserves to be punished!”.

    Great job in making the victim culpable in her own death because she told some pathetic, stupid, and ENTITLED little fuckstick “No, I don’t want to go to a dance with you”. Must be her fault, because she didn’t give him what he wanted… aka: her body.

    Frank Juliano, you’re a goddamn piece of shit for making this look like some inconsequential “hallway tiff”, and that somehow, the girl is responsible for the boy flipping out and killing her. You victim blaming asshole. I hope you get fired.

  9. emma says:

    There was no dispute. This boy felt entitled to her, and when she said no (as she has every right to) he threw a violent hissy fit. This is extremely disturbing and if it doesn’t say something about how teen boys today are being sent the wrong messages, I don’t know what does.

  10. Cecilia says:

    A girl was stabbed by a boy whose ego could not handle being rejected. This wasn’t because of a dispute. Reword the article and blame the boy for his actions, not the dead girl.

  11. Robin says:

    Dispute? DISPUTE?!? She didn’t want to go to prom with him and he stabbed her. How is THAT a fucking dispute?

  12. Empress Pinto says:

    A girl was MURDERED and you’re calling it a DISPUTE?! Are you kidding me. Are you seriously freakin’ kidding me?

  13. Tom says:

    Male entitlement? What a load of crap being spewed by some on here. Boys in the U.S. aren’t being raised to think of women as property, that’s the middle east. The problem is that there is no disciple or respect for others being taught to males or females. They are not being taught how to handle disappointment or failure because they have never been taught the meaning of “no”. People don’t always win or obtain what they set out to get and the sooner boys and girls are taught that the better it will be for them and everyone else.

  14. maddy p says:

    This is so disgusting, people say feminism is stupid but when horrible things like this happen these people look the other way. so terrible, my thoughts go out to her family and any students who saw the murder.

    that boy better not get a light sentence.

  15. Mario says:

    What the hell are teachers AND parents teaching to the kids these days?

  16. Annie says:

    Don’t call this a dispute. This is murder.

  17. Kim says:

    This wasn’t a “dispute over prom”! She said no and he killed her over it. Try to at least keep your facts straight.

  18. nicole says:

    This is what happens when men are socialized to feel entitled to everything they want. Men are violent and are taught to hate women. This hatred is illustrated in the continuous rape, murder, and harassment of women and girls. Women are not safe around men; teach daughters to fight for their lives.

  19. Tasia says:

    Amen to all the people who refuse to believe that this was a “dispute.” Shame on the people who won’t come right out and say what this was on a news outlet: that this boy had such remarkable entitlement issues that he would rather this girl be DEAD than be with someone else or even alone at prom. Does he have a mental illness? Will he be assigned one after this?
    Murder is murder, and she’s now on a long list of young women who have been killed by young men who believe women are nothing more than property to be obtained and kept.

  20. Ana K says:

    What does Christ have to do with a sixteen year old boy stabbing a girl? His religion has nothing to do with the fact that he is a crazy kid who couldn’t handle rejection and took it out on the girl. And anti-social behavior has nothing to do with being a killer. This girl is dead, and we should be respectful of that fact.

  21. Sydney says:

    This isn’t a dispute! This is a damn crazy boy getting the entitlement to be able to murder a girl, and still be shined in a light that makes it look almost forgivable! This is a girl that declined- she only declined, because no- if she didn’t want to go to prom with him, he should’ve just turned around, but this is what some boys grow up with, thinking they are entitled to a pretty girl, and if they aren’t- then no can have her can they?! This is sick, in every way possible! This boy has KILLED someone, a young woman, and the police are standing up for him, are withholding information because they can’t believe a boy could be so sick and twisted?!

  22. BBrent says:

    It isn’t about weapons or metal detectors. This is about the disrespect for authority and law that has been sewn for 50 years. Now, we are harvesting the whirlwind. THAT is what it is all about. Wake up, America. Making new laws or installing more security measures will not stop lawless and anti-social behavior. It should have been stopped in the 1960’s. It has gone on too long and it is time to put an end to this.

  23. Kris says:

    This is not something so simple and innocent that the term ‘dispute’ should be used for it. This is a murder of an innocent life, taken simply because the victim refused to go out with this boy to prom. That is not right, in fact it’s down right disgusting that something like this happened.

  24. Ladd says:

    All these youngsters that kill in the schools, theaters, malls have had one thing in common! NO Christ in their lives! Parents responsible!

  25. Emily says:

    Male entitlement is the cause of this. Boys are raised to think of girls as property. Boy propositions girl, girl refuses, boy turns violent. How many times have we seen this? And how many women and girls need to die before people acknowledge that this exists and educate their sons accordingly?

  26. henry knox says:

    So sad that this poor girl fell victim. Unfortunately, we have known the way to stop this from happening for years, but we refuse to do anything about it. What our schools are doing has not been working yet we continue to double down. Pray for the girls family and friends.

  27. I work for a school bus company as a bus monitor. I was on my bus with my driver on our way to pick up our first round of kids when we heard the news on the radio. When we arrived at an area school where students from all over southern Connecticut go to school, we met some other drivers and started speaking with them about it. Only one driver was “shocked”. The rest of us kind of expected something like this to happen sooner or later. Just look at how children are raised today—they have NO responsibility and they are given everything on Earth at the snap of a finger. They don’t know how to spell or even how to handwrite properly or hold a decent conversation. But they can text message with no problem and use any computer with ease.

  28. Nunya112 says:

    I am curious to know this guys mental state. There is always name pointing that its a psycho, but people that are psycho tend to be peaceful, not violent. So when this asshole’s name and bio gets out I would imagine that the media will defame psychos And paint them as bad persons.

  29. tim says:

    I am a dad and these kids today are clueless they have no respect for other people.please answer me this question when are the people going to unite and make our lawmakers do the right thing an eye for an eye

  30. sheri says:

    An innocent beautiful young girl with everything in the world going for her was violently murdered today by an angry, bitter, classmate. And the media is protecting his identity because he is a minor! Our society has hit rock bottom. We need to start climbing back up. We cannot go any lower. As a parent, a teacher, and a human being, my heart is broken for this girl, her family, friends, teachers and all the entire student body of her school. This 16 year old was angry enough to commit such a heinous act right in front of his classmates, teachers, and administrators,; he has no regard for his life, or anyone else’s. He, like other violent criminals need to be locked up for life, so that they can never, ever hurt another innocent soul again. I am not against capital punishment. An eye for an eye.

  31. louis says:

    why aren’t schools using metal detectors

  32. Lyle Backus says:

    We should assembly line execute all killers now on death row, and mandatory death for all future killers.

  33. christina mcmillen says:

    it’s silly even to mention that we need to put a band on knives that’s like saying going to your kitchen and turn in all your cutlery let’s do something a little bit more protective for our children whom we send the school on a daily basis and God knows what’ll happen I believe there should be a law that every school public and private should have metal detectors more more everyday I am becoming more scared to send my children to school as I know so many of other parents are also we always think it can’t happen at our child school however I’m sure that’s what this little girl’s mother was thinking my prayers and thoughts and God be with the family in their time of need

  34. Hello the. Little punk killed. Name him. 16 did the horrible crime time to STOP not naming
    Just because of age. 16. Yr I hope he is CHARGED WITH MURDER. GOES TO PRISON
    PUT HIM IN WITH THE BIG BAD BOYS. It will not be long before he is crying. Momma!!

  35. John Clark says:

    What is it about Connecticut?

  36. Bryan says:

    If this guy had a gun, how many more victims could we be talking about caught in the crossfire? How much more difficult would it be for these brave teachers to restrain him?

  37. John says:

    Kid who stabbed her was Chris Plaskon….

  38. Sandi says:

    Metal detecors at the doors lock down the schools like the airports. And cancel all activities outside of school

  39. James says:

    In the Fox News story about this incident, I understand that the suspect’s name is being withheld because he is a minor. Uh, wasn’t the victim also a minor?! I really chuckle at our society today. So politically correct, so afraid of negativity, so unlogical…so WEAK! Sounds like the event details are already pretty clear. Confirm with the eye witnesses that this is the guy then take him out back and off him! Case closed, done deal… Doesn’t matter about deeper understanding of the motive, evidence for wrongful death lawsuit, etc. As a parent my children’s lives don’t hold a monetary value so I’d only be interested in quick and hard justice (death to the assailant/murderer); and as a tax payer I’d be interested in avoiding lenghty trials, life in prison sentences, and every other BS element of our broken judicial system and society today!

  40. Mike Caruso says:

    I am sick to my stomach over reading that this girl had died. The problem with our liberal society is that the killer knows that if he/she takes a life, they will not pay with their own life. Bring back the death penalty; but this time EXECUTE the killer in a timely manner. No more living on death row for 20 years.

    For those who argue against the death penalty, name me just ONE killer who was executed and then commited another murder? Hell, we even have at least ONE killer on death row who will agree with me….his name is Steven Hayes. He has tried to commit suicide at least three times.

  41. Tired says:

    To the comments that say “Ban Knives” – This is neither the time nor place for such comments. A young girl is dead. Show some tact.

  42. notimportant says:

    Hey, way to trivialize a child being murdered with a not-so-thinly-veiled political agenda. I love that gun advocates immediately gloss over the value of someone’s life to instead offer their political positioning. You people are truly disgusting.

  43. David Crowe says:

    There’s no way to stop stupidity with a knife or a gun people will still find a way to kill. People these days play too many stupid video games and think it’s reallity.

  44. jake says:

    was it an assault knife?

  45. Donny says:

    How can they say the school was very secure when they have students stabbing other students to death.

  46. Jinx says:

    Thats a shame feel for the family. Now maybe Biden and Obama better wake up and get a anti knife team formed.Lets ban all knives.

  47. lisa anderson says:

    Man this has to stop!!!

  48. AlphaOmega80537 says:

    Hurry up and ban knives now. (yawn)

  49. so sad says:

    And I am sure “several students identified” the killer too. He has more rights than she does not just legally but also ethically apparently. I am sure you have both but chose to release one, seems like if you felt legally that you could not release his name then ethically you should have held back hers until officially released.

  50. Mom says:

    Maybe they want to postpone the prom while the students are worrying/praying for the victim. They can focus on counseling and school security. How about the media stop calling it an altercation and call it an assault??