Bridgeport Police respond to alleged brutality incident

The Bridgeport Police Department responded Tuesday to a YouTube video which shows an officer struggling to arrest a juvenile.

In the video, titled “Bridgeport pd beating a 16 year old on Stratford ave,” an officer appears to smack and then choke the youth who initially resists arrest.

“Yo why you smacking him in his face?” says the person recording the video, which was sent to the Connecticut Post Monday night. “No that’s police brutality.”

As the 38-second video goes on the officer in the video proceeds to place the teenager in a headlock in order to get a handle of him.

“Yo why is you choking him?” says the person recording.

“He’s under arrest and he’s resisting,” says the officer, who has not been identified.

“Why is you choking him? He can’t breathe,” says the person recording before the video cuts off.

The sender of the video added that he witnessed Bridgeport Police continue to beat the juvenile and taser him. The sender also said he was threatened to have his camera taken away by police.

According to Bridgeport Police the juvenile shown in the struggle with the officer was stopped early Sunday morning at 3:30 a.m. for a curfew violation and was later charged with interfering with police.

The full statement from police spokesperson William Kaempffer:

“The video shows an officer, minus back-up, attempting to control a suspect who is actively resisting arrest at 3:30 a.m. The suspect even attempted to stand up in the midst of being arrested. He also pushed the officer, and didn’t willingly provide his hands while being handcuffed. In addition, the officer reported that the suspect grabbed at his duty belt while resisting arrest.”

“The bottom line is that police officers put themselves in harm’s way to keep our streets safe every single day. They’re allowed to apply force when necessary to make an arrest, especially when a suspect is resisting, as was the case here.”


Fausto Giovanny Pinto