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Cops: 2 men stole goods from Goodwill


A Goodwill Industries driver and an alleged accomplice were arrested Tuesday in the theft of $630 in products from the company, according to Milford police.

Adolfo Dejesus, 25, of Standish Avenue in North Haven, was charged with fifth degree larceny and conspiracy to commit fifth degree larceny. Dejesus was employed as a route driver for Goodwill. Part of his job was to pickup merchandise from department store that sell discounted products to Goodwill.goodwill

Also arrested in the case was Emmanuel Desmolieres, 25, of Garfield Avenue in Bridgeport, who was charged with conspiracy to commit fifth degree larceny.

An internal investigation by Goodwill’s corporate security found that Dejesus had deviated from his scheduled route by entering the Pilot truck stop parking lot on Old Gate Lane.

While in the lot, police said, Dejesus met with Desmolieres at which time they unloaded $629.92 worth of merchandise from the truck into another vehicle.

Police said Desmolieres was not affiliated with Goodwill.

Both are scheduled to appear in court on July 8.

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