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Man claims he was fleeced of $11,000 at city hall


BRIDGEPORT – A local man claims he was fleeced at city hall and this time police are investigating.

The man, whose name was not released, told police he had come into the Margaret Morton Government Center, also known as the city hall annex,  on Broad Street Thursday morning to use the bathroom after cashing an $11,000 check at a local bank, said Police Spokesman Bill Kaempffer. He said the man put the envelope containing the cash on a counter while he went to use the bathroom. But when he came out the envelope and cash were gone, he told officers.

“Detectives are reviewing the surveillance video in the annex and it’s under investigation,” Kaempffer said.

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Daniel Tepfer

6 Responses

  1. Pete says:

    Same thing happened to me. I was keeping $ 50,000 in an envelope on the sidewalk at the corner of 5th street and Stratford Ave. I came back a day later and it was gone!

  2. igor12 says:

    He’s not too bright. Is he?

  3. Stuck at the bottom says:

    Sounds more like a gambling loss to me

  4. Padraig says:

    Was this guy wearing his “stupid”sign?
    Also, by definition, he was robbed, not “fleeced,” which is synonymous for conned.

  5. A Nonny Mouse says:

    You idiot. If I had seen an envelope with 11 grand in it, I’d have taken it, too. DUH.

  6. IP Daley says:

    Why would anyone be that foolish to leave that much money around even in city hall where all sorts of people walk in and out every day