Man stabbed by a female acquaintance

Bridgeport police say a man was  mystified when a female acquaintance stabbed him early Friday, since they’d never dated.

The man, whose name was not released, said he was accosted by the woman and her brother just after midnight near the corner of Park Avenue and Olive Street.

The woman stabbed him in the shoulder, causing superficial wounds, the victim told police.

“He only knew the suspects by their first names and believed that the attack was the result of his interest in another female,” police spokesman William Kaempffer said.


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Frank Juliano

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  1. IMFemale says:

    Have the dude tell the REAL story. NO woman would stab a man under those circumstances (shouldn’t under any unless he is attacking her) unless something real happened between them.

    I’ll bet they had sex more than once, he led her on but then just dropped her for another female. SO, she got angry as any female would, but decided to bring her Brother into the situation (the whole honor my sister or else thing) who probably thought he would beat him up for her. Then her anger got the best of her and she pulled out the knife. Then BOOM! stabbed the dude in his shoulder. I’LL BET THAT’S THE REAL SCOOP. Check into THAT!