Police: Drug treatment director got drugs for client

BRIDGEPORT – The assistant director of a drug treatment center has been arrested after police said he drove a client to get drugs.

Emille Jones, 30, an assistant director of Connecticut Renaissance, was charged Monday with conspiracy to possess narcotics. He was released after posting $5,000 bond.

Officials of the statewide drug treatment center did not immediately comment on the arrest.

The Police Department’s Tactical Narcotics Team was conducting a surveillance on Thompson Street, the scene of numerous complaints about drug dealing, when a black BMW sedan with New York license plates pulled up, police said. A short time later officers saw a red Hyundai sedan pull up in front of the BMW.

A woman, later identified as Ryan Smith, 31, got out of the passenger seat of the BMW and went over to the Hyundai where police said she exchanged money with a passenger of that car for a small amount of crack cocaine. Officers then moved in and arrested Smith and two men in the Hyundai.

Police said officers then approached the BMW. They said the driver, Jones, immediately handed officers his business card listing him as assistant director of Connecticut Renaissance. They said Jones admitted giving her money to buy cocaine and driving her to the deal site.

Police said Smith later told them that Jones has often taken her to buy drugs and would give her money in exchange for sex.

She said she feels she had to do it, “in order to get better treatment for her drug addiction,” police said.

Daniel Tepfer