Police: woman took son’s ashes to casino

BRIDGEPORT – Police said a local woman stole her son’s ashes from a funeral home and then took the urn with her to the Mohegan Sun casino.

Raisa Gonzalez, 21, of Ogden Street Extension was charged with fifth-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit fifth-degree larceny.

Police said Gonzalez’s 8-month-old son died in Puerto Rico and was cremated at the Luz De Paz Funeral Home on East Washington Avenue here. Gonzalez stole the urn containing her son’s ashes from the funeral home and ran out, police said. Police said the theft was captured on a surveillance video camera in the funeral home.

She was arrested Sunday in the casino clutching her son’s urn.

Gonzalez told the Connecticut Post Tuesday that she did nothing wrong.

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Daniel Tepfer

2 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    How do you “steal” the ashes of your own kid? If it’s the cost of the cremation that they’re worried about, just send her a bill. She was going to end up with the ashes anyway.

  2. Padraig says:

    It is her son’s remains, how is that theft? Were the remains being contested by a court of law as to “ownership?” Had she not paid for the services of the mortuary? Did she have rights to the ashes but not the urn? Another example of substandard reporting by the Post. You people REALLY need to hire me!