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State has worst roads


Connecticut and Rhode Island have the worst roads in the nation, a report by the White House concludes.

The report notes that 41 percent of Connecticut’s roads are “deficient” and 35 percent of the state’s bridges are “deficient or obsolete.” Wyoming was listed as having the best roads and Arizona has the best bridges.

The report is part of a lobbying effort by President Obama to push a $300 billion transportation bill through Congress. He proposes to pay for the spending by increasing certain business taxes.

State officials said the report is based on the quality of the ride drivers experience on state roads and is not a measure of safety. They were unsure how the Obama administration arrived at the bridge percentages, saying Connecticut is in the “middle of the pack” in terms of bridge deficiencies.

The report also included a list of the 20 metro areas where poor road conditions cost motorists the most money. That list included the Stamford-Bridgeport metro area.

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Bill Cummings

5 Responses

  1. ldjld says:

    That’s because we don’t pay enough taxes here in CT, right?

  2. Padraig says:

    I have been saying this for a while. While it may not be a “safety issue,” it certainly adds to the wear and tear on vehicles. In fact, I am contemplating presenting the city of Bridgeport with a bill for the repairs on my car.

  3. Veronica Feinstein says:

    Repairing Infrastructure = Jobs = Better economy. Quite simple, really … and it’s not brain surgery.

  4. MJ Snodz says:

    Both have some of the highest taxes in the Nation. Coincidence?

  5. JYD says:

    Worst roads, worst bridges, and the highest gas taxes in the country to pay for their upkeep. And we keep electing the same idiots to Hartford to repeat the process over and over.