Shelton burglary victim offers reward

SHELTON — Joan Kapral says she knows who was involved in the theft of a “significant” amount of cash and a 200-pound safe from her River Road home on Saturday night, July 12.

Kapral is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the parties responsible or to the recovery of the money.

“My house is a party house, and my kids’ friends are always coming and going,” Kapral said. “We have a large game room on the lower level and there has never been any problems.”

But while the family was away on Saturday night, someone entered their home, went upstairs to the bedroom level– and went straight for the cash.

“Somebody overheard my husband and I talking and that person had been in my house before because our dog, a pit bull, did not react. A stranger would have killed the dog or locked it up.

“The only room in the whole house that was ransacked was my bedroom closet, where the cash was,” Kapral said.

Lt. Robert Kozlowsky, the Shelton police spokesman, confirmed that officers were dispatched to the River Road home at 3:15 a.m. on Sunday morning.

“The homeowner reported to police that a large amount of cash, a safe, and some paperwork were taken. The case is currently being investigated by the detective bureau.” Kozlowsky said.

Kapral said she and her husband don’t normally keep a lot of cash in the house but are in the process of getting their mortgage loan modified.

“This was a devastating blow to our family. If you saw or heard something please call me at 203-446-1912 or the Shelton police at 203-924-1544 ext. 4442.”





Frank Juliano