Anti-Semitic graffiti found in Stratford Saturday

STRATFORD — Anti-Semitic vandalism found in a quiet residential community has residents upset and worried.

A Swastika, the letters “SS,” an abbreviation of the Nazi Party’s army and the letter’s “WP,” which some interpreted as “White Power,” all appeared within a block of each other at the intersection of Wilcoxson Ave. and Charlton St.

“To see hatred in my own community where I work is disheartening,” said Max Rosenberg, who noticed the signs driving by and stopped to alert police.

The Connecticut Post was first alerted to the symbols, which were spray painted on traffic signs and parts of a home, this morning by a reader.

Stratford police said they were alerted to the issue but were not aware if the graffiti had been removed.

“They need to take down the signs immediately,” said Rosenberg who is Jewish.

Shirley Balga, a homeowner who has lived in the neighborhood for almost 50-years said she has never seen graffiti like this around Stratford, thought it could be teens fooling around.

“At night boys come by and leave bottles and cigarettes butts on my lawn,” said Balga.

Whether teens playing around or not, Akin Warbuton-Baker, a junior at Stratford High said the vandals may not have realized their cruelty.

“People think it’s a joke but they don’t realize how it affects other people.”


Fausto Giovanny Pinto