Cops: Grandmother left child briefly in car

Stratford – A grandmother was charged with a misdemeanor summons after briefly leaving her grandchild in the car after she ran into a store, according to police.

Police received a complaint Wednesday afternoon that a child had been left unattended in a car in the parking lot at 444 Ferry Boulevard, according to a press release.

When officers arrived they discovered a three-year-old child in a Honda Accord sleeping in the child safety seat. The car’s windows were all closed, the car was unlocked and the engine was not running.

Officers observed an airflow in the car indicating the air conditioner was blowing however the engine was not running.

The car’s operator and grandmother of the toddler Rosanna Sinatra exited the Par Pool Supply Store and approached officers. She told officers she had briefly stepped into the store for about five minutes. 

Sinatra also told officers the toddler was sleeping and she did not want to disturb the toddler. There were no injuries to the child.

Rosanna Sinatra, age 59, of Stratford, was issued a misdemeanor summons and charged with leaving a child under 12 unsupervised in a motor vehicle.

Fausto Giovanny Pinto