$30 Million sought to repair Derby water treatment facilities

DERBY-A $30 million request to repair the city’s aging, deteriorating sewage treatment facilities could be headed for a referendum this fall.
But some city officials concede it will be a tough sell.
” I don’t think it will fit,” said Ribert Miani, a member of the Water Pollution Control Authority. “So many people are out if work. So many houses are in foreclosure.”
Aldermen Ron Sill and Arthur Gerkens agree that the referendum faces an uphill fight but is sorely needed.
“Everyone is strapped but we don’t have much of a choice,” Sill said. “Maybe we can spread the payments out.”
The payments will come on top of regular WPCA fees and tax payments.
The city has not decided if the repair costs proposed in the referendum will apply to the 6,830 users or all property owners.
If it is just the users the costs could range from $274 to $328. That amount is doubled for owners if two family homes, tripled for those who own three-family homes and quadrupled for four-family home owners.
It could also come on top of any costs to repair the municipal parking garage should that expected referendum pass.

Michael Mayko