Three people arrested in Monday’s shooting incident

We received this note from the Bridgeport Police Dept.:

BRIDGEPORT — Detectives are investigating whether a gunshot wound suffered by a city man this week was accidentally self inflicted.

Three people – including the gunshot victim — face charges in connection with the incident on Pennsylvania Avenue Monday morning at 10:30.

The gunshot victim, Michael Cheever, 28, of Bridgeport, was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon after police recovered “brass knuckles” from his pants after he was treated at the hospital for a gunshot wound to the groin.

Two other people, William Boyd, 35, and Joel Huertas, 23, were charged with third-degree assault.

The incident appears to stem from an ongoing dispute in which someone stole a security box from Cheever’s home. Boyd stated that Cheever blames him and his friends for the theft. Boyd stated that Cheever over the last several days began carrying a gun.

In Monday’s confrontation, Boyd struck Cheever over the head with a beer bottle and Huertas punched him. Boyd stated they acted because they saw a gun in Cheever’s pocket that he was attempting to pull out. The gun, Boyd said, discharged as Cheever tried to pull it out of his pocket.

No handgun was recovered.


Jeff Bustraan