Police: Trumbull dad nabbed after taking kids

TRUMBULL – Two young children were safe and sound Friday after a day-long manhunt when police said their father took off with them after the mother was granted full custody of the children.

Craig Chormanski, 43, of Pequonnock Road, surrendered to police, turning over his two children, aged 9 and 11.

He was charged with two counts of second-degree custodial interference. Meanwhile, police said the two children were turned over to their mother in Shelton.

Police said on Wednesday the mother was granted full custody of the two children. However, when a state marshal went to serve the order on Chormanski at his parents’ home his mother said Chormanski had taken the children and left. She said she didn’t know where they had gone, police said.

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Daniel Tepfer

3 Responses

  1. Ann Baldino says:

    “NABBED”??????? He turned himself in, why the false headline????

  2. Melanie Wieler says:

    The mother was not granted full custody, she only has temporary custody until proper custody can be granted. Chormanski took the kids in order to give his lawyer time to file a petition against giving the mother temporary custody in fear of the children’s safety, which at this point in time is still uncertain. There was no ”manhunt.” The petition was denied by a bias judge who believes that children should be with their mother. He was not ‘nabbed’ he willingly gave the children over after the petition was denied.

    Please note, Craig Chormanski had the children all summer, him and his parents took care of them in the absents of the mother. The mother had very little contact with the children out of her own choice. It is believed by family members that she only wants the children back now that the school year has begun because she does not need to watch them during the day, and now she can attempt to get child support from Chormanski.

    It is believed that the children will not be properly cared for by the mother, since her current lifestyle doesn’t seem to allow for any attention or care to be given to the children.

    They are also only allowed limited contact with their fathers side of the family, people who they would see at least once a week since they were born.

    The hearing for the Chormanski’s will be on September 8th.

    Please get all information before reporting on issues like these, I promise, in this situation at least, the truth is as news worthy as the lies.

  3. misunderstanding says:

    what does “full custody” mean?