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Author: Susan Silvers

A (Too) Quiet Takeover

It seems Republican Timothy M. Herbst is already on the job as first selectman, even though he didn’t exactly broadcast it. With the charter calling for the transition in town officials to take place

Making the cuts

We at the Connecticut Post are keeping tabs on whether your elected officials are keeping their campaign promises…so we want to let you know that the three paid Trumbull officials taking office

An Architectural Honor

Note to builders: a small office building does not have to be ugly. Because it fits in with the town’s semi rural character, Monroe’s Architectural Review Board has decided to honor Nancy and Steven

The Gift of Safety

That’s what the Red Cross Club at St. Joseph High School in Trumbull hopes to provide by collecting old and unwanted cell phones that can be converted for free 911 emergency-use and distributed

Trumbull Green Lighting Postponed until Sunday

Winds and rain forecast for Friday have delayed Santa and the holiday lighting ceremony on Trumbull’s Town Hall Green. Apparently, without Rudolph, Santa can’t get through the (forecast) bad weather,

On the Easton Agenda

If you’re thinking of attending the Easton Town Meeting tonight because you wanted to weigh in on the proposed 9/11 Memorial, remember that plans call for that matter to be tabled until January, to

Where to find a lawyer

If you’re an incoming first selectman, chances are you check out your own law firm, particularly if your supervisors there were thoughtful of your needs during campaign time. That’s just what Trumbull

Equal Time

Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell won’t be the only consitutional officer swearing in new local Monroe officials Monday. Democratic Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, a potential successor to the

New Faces in Town (Hall)

A new title doesn’t necessarily mean a change in pay. First Selectman-elect Tim Herbst has tapped his deputy campaign manager, Daniel Nelson, to be chief of staff, succeeding Elizabeth Smith, who was

Blame it on the Assessor

That’s what the company originally hired to appraise properties in Monroe for a revaluation last year has decided to do in a new lawsuit. In its complaint from Waterbury Superior Court, Total