Don’t tell anyone…you’re a Millionaire!

 What if one night while sitting home you answer a knock at your door and you’re met with balloons, cameras and people cheering your name.  You would probably think wrong house, until you see a Publishers Clearing House ( PCH) van and a person carrying what looks like a large cardboard check.  It wouldn’t take you long to realize you were the company’s newest millionaire.  Even your neighbors would quickly know. 


Some on is about to become a Millionaire

Click here for: Publisher Clearing House award video 

Would anyone call the police?  Want an investigation?  Would anyone doubt it’s legitimate?  Not likely.

 Now ask yourself why?  Why would you and so many others quickly accept it?

Why?  Because it is legitimate. 

Since 1967, according to their website, PCH has given away over $223 million dollars in prizes.    PCH wants others to know they just gave you money.  It’s good advertisement for their partner companies.  The more people that know about it the better the company is.  Most importantly they do give the winners the money.

The more people that see money was given away, the more likely others will look at and possibly buy some products. 

The PCH website also clearly states what the contest is, what the requirements are and the length of time you have to be eligible.  There is no secrecy, no distraction from the true purpose, and no real time pressure forcing you to make a choice right now.

On their website they even say no purchase to win.  They even state that by law they are prohibited from making a purchase or payment as a condition of winning. 

 So is this a scam?  No.  A long shot maybe, but not a scam.  I can’t say the same for the constant bombardment of emails we all get, promising all the riches we could ever imagine…Oh…Just one thing…Don’t tell anybody!  

 There are the emails from top Equatorial Guinea government officials, Democratic Republic of Congo DRC, and thousand of other rather official sounding entities with a problem. 

What is the problem?  They have a large amount of money, property or investments and they need your help to get it. That’s right..You…Of all the people in the world, its your help they need.  And the help they need, you guessed it.  Your money!  They need you to give them money and then they will give you a lot of money back.  That makes a lot of sense.  And there’s more.  You can’t tell anyone.  It’s a secret.  That’s right a secret, to share only with you.  They don’t want anyone to know.  Publisher Clearing House it is not.  They’ll be no cameras advertising your luck, no balloons and at the end of the day, no money.  It’s not real. As Sir John Chadwick said Secrecy is the badge of fraud. 

If you tell someone they may confirm it’s a scam. and talk you out of it.

        I am gonna make you rich…just don’t tell anyone!

 So how do we prevent it? 

We talk about it, post it and even write about it.  What if we all shared with each other the daily scams we all get so we can expose them.  The grandparent scam, the Nigerian scams and others.   Share them so we all learn and we don’t get fooled.   If they stop getting our money or our interest would they stop?  What if they did…….?