Home Safety during the Holidays

As the holidays approach, the hustle and bustle can sometimes leave us in a fog. Especially when it comes to safety. The following is a list of safety tips designed to keep your home safe whether  your home or away.

We often don’t consider how strong our exterior doors are but it is the number one entry point for burglars. Make sure you have sturdy, metal or solid wood doors at all entries into your home and that sliding glass and similar doors are properly secured.

Locks are often overlooked. Make sure that you install and use well- made deadbolt locks(1 1/2 inch ) bolt or bigger on all entry doors. Lighting is very important as it can expose a criminal while attempting to commit crimes. Motion detector lights, flood lights or similar can help brighten up your property and make it unappealing to the bad guy. Landscaping around the property should have your full attention. Consider that an overgrown bush can conceal someone from your view, making you vulnerable to a surprise attack. Trim your shrubbery around your doors and windows so criminals don’t have a place to hide.  Also instead of having a spare key under the mat, give a key to a trusted neighbor or family member.

Thieves know to look around the doorway area for those keys. Ask your local Police Department if they conduct a home security survey. often times the crime prevention unit can make an appointment to conduct a house visit and mitigate some security loops you may not be aware of. Consider purchasing an alarm system. It gives you a peace of mind and can protect you in an emergency. Display alarm company signs and decals on windows and doors. Burglars will usually bypass a property with visible alarm signs. By following some of these rules you can hopefully have a safe and prosperous holiday without the hassle of recovering from becoming a victim.