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Author: Lt. James Perez

Safe Security Habits!

One of the things that we strive for in policing is an educated public with respect to security measures. Being security minded takes a little effort in the beginning then becomes second nature. One

Local Terrorist Ties!!!!

Local Terrorist Ties!!!! After 9/11 our innocence was shattered and overnight our way of living forever changed. We were all of a sudden facing threat levels, neighborhood watches resurgence, crime

Detecting Fake Money!!!

On July 5, 1865, the United States Secret Service was established to suppress counterfeiting. Although most of us associate the Secret Service with protectingthe President, they wear other hats. The

Counterfeit money and its origin.

Counterfeiting has a rich history both in America and across the globe. It has always been a pervasive problem for any community throughout the country. With today’s incredible technology,

Fake Money Among Us!!!

Counterfeiting is an economic problem that has been increasing over the last five years. It is a reality that permeates the entire country and its effects are felt all around the world. It is

World without Police!

Ever wonder how we all have a sense of protection with regards to those things that are important to us? Psychologist Abraham Maslow first introduced the concept of a hierarchy of needs in his 1943

Police, History and You!!

Community policing in its foundation is the collaboration between the Police and the community working together, to reduce crime and the fear of crime. Most police departments across the country are

What if?…. I’m just saying!!

In today’s world we as a society worry about many things. There is the constant worry of a secure future. The definition of secure, according to Merriam Webster is unwisely free from fear or distrust