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Holiday Security and Safety Tips

The holiday season is filled with excitement and anticipation as family members gather from the four corners of the country to help celebrate. Preparation for the holiday can fill you with

Wanted: Secured Homes

One of the most effective ways to prevent becoming a victim of crime is to create many obstacles between you and a burglar. That is the definition of Target hardening. Most home burglaries can be

Day Light Savings Time and Security

Daylight savings time is a moment when we change the time by an hour to help us get the most out of natural daylight. The saying, fall back and spring ahead is a good way to remember whether we go

Safe Halloween!!

  This year, we have been concerned with the explosion of scary clown masks and the negative incidents that have happened. These masks have caused physical attacks against those who choose to

Benefits of Improved Police-Community Relations

Crime Prevention efforts reduce polarization that sometimes exists between police and citizens. Community Policing, Neighborhood Watch, cert teams, and McGruff programs build a bridge that enables

What Parents Can Do: Bully

Advice for Parents and Adults About How To Deal With Bullying Bullying in school can break the spirit of the victim and can leave teachers and staff embarrassed if they are not always on alert for

Stop Helping Criminals!!!

  Most property crimes committed are crimes of opportunity. A thief breaking into your car is looking for a magical transformation. They want to turn your property into cash and they are getting

Crime and Terrorism: Reporting Suspicious Activities

    We all have had that moment when we see something that is not normal. We then make excuses in our minds on whether to report it or not. Reporting suspicious behavior is extremely

Planning for the Unexpected

The following was sent to me by a friend from the U.S.Homeland Security Agency. I find it to be interesting as we enter both the Hurricane season and the Winter season. You can never over prepare and

School Security Today

As summer winds down the thought of school beginning brings happiness to some and sadness to others, but the one thing that should come to mind is safety and security. Schools today have come a long