Rounding first


Bryan Daniello delivers a pitch during Friday's game against Norwalk.

Two weeks of high school baseball and one full week of FCIAC league play are in the books, so, let’s see where we stand.

* Staples, Greenwich and McMahon are unbeaten in league play with McMahon suffering a non-league loss to Warde. The Senators get another  crack at the Mustangs Friday when the two teams travel to upstate New York to face each other in Cooperstown.

* Before that trip the Senators host New Canaan Monday and travel to Greenwich Wednesday. McMahon’s ace, and maybe the top player in the league, Bryan Daniello, faced Norwalk Friday afternoon so he may not start until Friday in Cooperstown.
That is kind of too bad because I would have loved to see him pitch Wednesday against Greenwich. Technically that would be his fifth day so he could start but we will have to see how Senator’s coach John Cross handles his star.
Should he face the Cardinals, he would most likely lock up with Casey Gaynor, who has been stellar as the Cardinals No. 2 this year.

* Greenwich also has a tough week, hosting Wilton Monday, McMahon Wednesday and traveling to Darien Friday to play on, in my opinion, the worst field in the FCIAC at Darien High.

* Speaking of fields, we will have to put together a poll as to which FCIAC field is the best a little later in the year.
The early favorites have to be Kiwanis Field in Fairfield and Mead Park in New Canaan.

* Besides the games mentioned above there are a few interesting matchups on this week’s slate of games.
Monday: Danbury at Warde; Stamford at Trinity
Wednesday: St. Joe at Trinity; Westhill at Ludlowe; New Canaan at Darien
Friday: St. Joe at Trumbull; Staples at New Canaan;
And don’t forget Seymour and St. Joseph play at Harbor Yard Saturday at 8 p.m. as part of the Bridgeport Baseball Classic.
Not sure why St. Joe’s is always included in Bridgeport classics in every sport, but they are.

* The surprise so far in the league is that Norwalk is winless, though they have played a tough schedule to open the season.
Anyone that has talked to Norwalk coach Pete Tucci this year can sense his growing frustration.
Silver lining for the Bears is that they host Bassick Wednesday.
The Lions, along with Harding and Central are the other winless teams in the league.

* Watch out for a few of the young teams like Ludlowe and Trinity to make some noise in the league this year. Both teams can stroke it at the plate and I would not be surprised if one of them makes the FCIAC playoffs.

* We can take another look at the league in a few weeks but for now I think we can all agree that is awesome to have this beautiful game back in our lives.

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Scott Ericson

6 Responses

  1. Scott Appleby, Chairperson Bridgeport Baseball Classic says:

    To help clarify any misconception with our annual event. The 7th Annual Bridgeport Baseball Classic kicked off its oepning round of play on April 21, 2012 at the Perry Pilotti Ballfield located at Veteran’s Park. We will resume our final round Saturday May 5, 2012 beginning at 11:30am with our consolation game between Harding HS and Bassick HS; this will be followed by the 1st annual Bridgeport Baseball Classic Crosstown Showdown between ND Catholic HS of Fairfield versus Bunnel HS at 3:15pm; and finally the 7th Annual Championship game between Central HS and Bullard Havens at 6:30pm.

    There are no other teams asscoaited with the Bridgeport Baseball Classic at this time hence; hopefully this will clear up any confusion about other teams renting of the ballpark for play. We would like to thank the Bridgeport Bluefish for their continued support of our local event and they have truly been a partner in this entire process.

    We hope this clears up any confusion as the synergy of the Bridgeport Baseball Classic will always remain between the four local Bridgeport High School teams with opportunities to bring together rivalry games in the middle of the process. We thank you for your support.

  2. scott says:

    I have been to Staples and it is nice. It also gets points for being on campus which Mead and Kiwanis are not.

  3. Jim Michaux says:

    If you like Mead Park and Kiwanis field, wait till you head down to Staples in Westport. Definitely the prettiest field in the FCIAC.

  4. Scott Ericson says:

    Thanks for clearing that up guys. I saw that St. Joe’s was playing at Harbor Yard and I thought that was the Classic.

  5. Ironic Jim says:

    The Bridgeport Baseball Classic is actually being played that day between the Bridgeport Varsity Baseball High School teams – Harding, Bassick, Central and Bullard Havens. However, it is being played in Veteran’s Memorial Park. The irony or hypocrisy is that it isn’t being played in Harbor Yard but schools from other towns are playing a tournament in Bridgeport’s Harbor Yard. Way to go Bluefish! Price out baseball players from High Schools in your own city.

  6. In_The_Know says:

    St. Joseph actually is not in the Bridgeport Baseball Classic. That is a tournament only for Bridgeport schools. St. Joseph set up a triple header @ Harbor Yard for April 21. It will be Foran vs. Xavier, Shelton vs. Amity, and St. Joseph will play Seymour in the night cap. Hope that clears things up