Ludlowe hopes bats will continue to pitch in

Ludlowe coach Keith O’Rourke said the Falcons’ pitching staff is deep and diverse, capable of keeping them in games and overcoming a lackluster start to the FCIAC season. Pat Gutierrez got the win on Wednesday, his second of the season, as the Falcons beat McMahon 6-3 and raised their FCIAC record to 2-4.

“We have three, four guys we can throw on the hill to start who throw in the lower 80s,” O’Rourke said. “And if you have one guy in high school who throws in the lower 80s, that’s a number one. We have three or four guys that can bring it and throw curve balls. And then we have a kid like Vic D’Ascenzo that we can have come in and close games. And then we have a couple arms who can come in the middle as long relievers. We have a good pitching core. We just have to have good at-bats and hit the ball.”

The Falcons scored more than five runs for the first time all season in beating McMahon. Six runs should be enough to win most games, O’Rourke said.

“Our pitching is not going to give up seven , eight runs in a game if our defense is supporting them. Our defense today wasn’t stellar. It wasn’t bad, but it was somewhere in between and we only gave up three runs,” O’Rourke said . “If our team gives up three runs, we should win every game. If our team scores six, we should win the majority of them.”


McMahon (4-4) continues to kill itself with mental errors. For the second straight game, a runner was picked off base to quash a potential scoring opportunity. But the most glaring mental error occurred in the bottom of third inning when McMahon coach John Cross sent sophomore Chris Wintrop in to pinch hit for Edwin Owolo with a runner on first base, no one out, and the Senators trailing 3-0.

Winthrop missed three straight signs — including a bunt sign — from Cross who was coaching third base. In a rare and extreme move, Cross then removed Wintrop in the middle of the at-bat and replaced him with Owolo, who hit into a force out.

“I feel really badly that it happened, but it’s inexcusable,” Cross said. “You can’t do that. I’m sure he’s not gonna miss a sign ever again.”

Cameron D. Martin