Greenwich stays alive in FCIAC

Alex Wolf throws down a dunk.

Greenwich needed to beat Staples to stay alive in the FCIAC playoff hunt and it did that Tuesday, beating the Wreckers 55-43.

CJ Byrd and Alex Wolf each scored 19 points to pace the Cardinals.

With Wilton‘s loss and Ludlowe and Bassick not playing the Cardinals now sit alone in the No. 8 spot with three games to play.

Greenwich is scheduled to play Bassick Thursday if the City of Bridgeport can figure out how to plow snow by then. Not a guarantee.

Great atmosphere between the two rivals Tuesday as Staples fans traveled to Greenwich and made a ton of noise on the road.

The Card Crazies were mostly on vacation as it is school break in Greenwich but the students that came got into it pretty quickly once they saw Staples causing a ruckus.

Cards went to a 2-3 zone in the second quarter and Staples had no answer for it, mainly because Peter Rankowitz was having trouble getting open looks and when he was able to fire away from deep he was off the mark.

Staples was bound to have a poor shooting evening after a recent hot streak, they just wish it wasn’t against their rivals.

Greenwich missed the FCIAC playoffs by losing on the final day to Danbury last year and seem determined to make it this year but will have to knock off Bassick to do so, no easy task.

Scott Ericson

5 Responses

  1. swcinsider says:

    Kj were you the rat

  2. jeb says:

    Shame on the Weston school board. A disgruntled parent always runis it for high school coaches around the country. The A.D. should act as a buffer in these situations….What the heck is he doing?

  3. KJ says:

    Back on topic – glad to see Greenwich beat Staples – they have a good program and deserved it.

  4. KJ says:

    lol – that’s a good one “FCIAC Observer”

    You must live in the land of OZ.

    The coach was apparently going to be fired and chose to resign because of his previous work as an actor in a pornographic movie

  5. FCIACobserver says:

    How come nobody is addressing the situation at Weston, where the coach was forced to resign after athe parent of a player who was getting little or no playing time allegedly hired a private investigator to dig into the coach’s past. Supposedly, he went back 18 years.