Bassick sweats one out

Defending FCIAC champs Bassick picked up a big win over Greenwich Friday after not even practicing for a week due to snow.

The Lions take on Wilton Saturday and play Staples next week, the two teams ahead of them in the standings.

Lions not as talented as last year but are capable of beating anybody on a given night.

Bernie Lofton said after the win tonight, “we are the defending champions and we are the champions until there is no more shot for us to win it.”

As golden fleeced wrestler Ric Flair used to say, “To be the man, you have to beat the man.” Right now Bassick is still “the man.”

The gym at Bassick was as  Lofton referred to it “a sauna.”

I played summer league at the Sheehan Center one summer and that is the hottest gym I had ever been in but that was during July with no air conditioning, tonight was February and apparently the boiler only has one setting, sweltering.

Greenwich played very well in a tough gym but clearly felt like the calls did not go their way at times, especially in the first half.

Bassick did shoot 34 free throws to Greenwich’s 21 and I don’t think it would be crazy to say city schools get away with hand checking a bit more than suburban schools but overall thought the game was pretty evenly called in the end and Greenwich certainly did not blame the loss on the officials.

Cards a long shot for FCIAC s now but if they beat New Canaan and Danbury and the Wilton, Bassick and Staples games break the right way, they could get in.

Scott Ericson