Parents just don’t understand

Video of the charge call that sent NC parent into a rage. Close call but some perspective, please.

When Greenwich and New Canaan play in basketball the result is usually pretty ugly and Monday was no different.

This time the ugliness was not confined to the court as a parent from New Canaan was ejected and escorted from the gym by police late in the fourth quarter after running out of the bleachers to dispute a call.

It was the second time a New Canaan parent was tossed from a basketball game this season and it is clearly a black eye for the school and an absolute embarrassment to the program, coach Mike Evans and the players, especially the player that had to watch his father getting removed from the gym by police.

One instance is enough but twice? Come on, New Canaan. You are better than that.

New Canaan AD Jay Egan needs to get control of the parents or risk further incidents. How about banning the offending party from future games? No way it will happen with the pull parents have at that school but a message should be sent.

On to the game, New Canaan needed to win twice this week to make states but did not do so. Either way Evans has taken the program that was in shambles after last season and done a nice job working with what he has.

With Staples and Bassick losing, Greenwich is still alive in the FCIAC playoff hunt and will once again face Danbury on the final night of the season with a chance to punch it’s ticket.

The Cardinals need to win and need Bassick to beat Staples in order to get in.

Wednesday should be fun, let’s just hope we can keep the focus on the players and not talk about unruly parents.

Scott Ericson