Opening night: Bassick outlasts Trinity

 Tremaine Fraiser dunks. Photo/ Jason Rearick

Tremaine Fraiser dunks.
Photo/ Jason Rearick

Great to be back in a gym watching basketball after the seemingly endless football season.

Trinity and Bassick are two of the best teams in the FCIAC over the last 20 years and, though both are young and on paper not what they have been in past years, both should be in the FCIAC hunt all season.

Early in the season, it is generally offense that struggles as teams try yo find a flow and that was true Wednesday night as neither team got in rhythm much offensively with Bassick winning 63-57.

Trinity looked particularly out of sync as they adjust to life without Shadric Casmir, who would take over games last season and is almost impossible to replace.

The Crusaders have talent and will find themselves as the season goes forward, but it may take a few games for them to be truly comfortable.

Bassick, as usual, played a frantic style and had the Trinity guards a bit flustered at times.

The Lions have skill at guard and some decent size and will be very tough on every opponent this season.

I was impressed with forward Carl Brown, who did work inside, snatching rebounds and scoring 17 points.

Crowd was OK for this one but I expected a larger turnout to watch these two.

Bassick crowd sang “hey, hey goodbye” in the final moments and were louder than the Trinity fans all night.


Scott Ericson