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Best Burgers in Stamford CT

It’s National Burger Month. To kick it off, we are launching a series of haunts and restaurants where you can enjoy some excellent burgers. For the first of this series we bring you the “Burgers of Stamford.” From basic bacon cheeseburgers to one with 100% Wagyu beef, each of these bundles of beef offers different flavors, toppings, buns and sides.

One Stamford location was included in the Best Bar Burger category. Dinosaur BBQ’s “Dino Burger Deluxe.” Two Stamford locations earned spots in CTbites’ Best Restaurant Burger category. The “Harlan Burger” at Harlan Social and Napa & Co.’s “Wagyu Burger.” The newcomer to this year’s “Best of” list is Olio’s “House Burger.” Check out Olio’s burger here, and come back next week when we unveil “The Best Bar Burgers in Fairfield County.”

11 Responses

  1. jeff "jfood" schlesinger @CTbites says:


    People either love or do not like Five Guys, I fall in the latter category. A bacon cheeseburger, fries and a soda is $15, and these burgers are in the same ballpark on price and much better in my opinion. 5G was the very first article I wrote for CTbites years ago when they opened in Westport, and others keep telling me it is better so I act like a lemming and go there, but it is Groundhog Day, I just do not like it. Check out my original review here.

  2. jeff "jfood" schlesinger @CTbites says:


    I have not been to Season’s Eats but will have to try the burger. Again, my colleague Lou Gorfain wrote a great write-up on CTbites for Season’s Eats. Check it out here

  3. The AntiFox says:

    I don’t know any of those places!! And who can afford any of them anyway. They try too hard. Stop trying to reinvent the burger.

    5 Guys gets 5 stars in my book!

  4. RS says:

    The old Kathleen’s (now seasons?) on Bank Street makes a FANTASTIC burger!! Gotta try it.

  5. jeff "jfood" schlesinger @CTbites says:


    We did a review over at CTbites for Jakes a while ago. Take a look at it here and see if you agree.

  6. jeff "jfood" schlesinger @CTbites says:

    @Dave Kozlowski,

    My colleague Lou Gorfain wrote a great review on CTbites of Cask here

  7. @Jeff

    Fair enough–I’m not affiliated with them or anything, I’ve just had positive experiences overall.

    Did you try anything from Cask Republic?

  8. Deedee Smith says:

    How could you leave out LUCKY’s???? ON Bedford Street. Sooooo great.

  9. jeff "jfood" schlesinger @CTbites says:

    @ Dave Kozlowski

    It was not for lack of trying. I visited Plan B twice. On each visit the first burger was sent back and the re-fire was not much better. My summary of four “Some Pink” burgers I ordered were one raw, one cooked properly, one medium well, one more than well. Seasoning on the patties ranged from non-existent to incredibly salty and I did not like the texture of the meat. The fries were equally inconsistent, some were very good and others were almost raw.

    I am glad you had a positive experience, but my four attempts were less than noteworthy.

  10. MET says:

    Wayback Burgers wouldn’t be so bad for a fast burger, if only they wouldn’t make mistakes with your order half the time.

  11. How can Plan B not be on this list?

    I love Dinosaur, and was a frequent visitor when I lived in Rochester, but their burgers (including the Dino Burger) are not outstanding (they’re good, but BBQ is Dinosaur’s niche). There are several from Plan B’s menu I would have included instead.