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Guide To Outdoor Dining in CT, 40+ Restaurants

There are some ingredients in this world that, when you add them to anything, they pretty much make it spectacular. Bacon, for example. It would probably make grandma’s tuna casserole taste good. “Air” is another ingredient. Have you noticed that when you eat a lobster roll outside on a deck overlooking the ocean, it makes you happy? Or eat a grilled burger at a picnic table on a warm summer evening? Good food combined with a hefty dose of the outdoors just makes food taste better.

Whether you are looking for great water views in a subdued atmosphere at L’Escale or Harbor Lights, a vibrant scene at Dolce Cubano or The Whelk, or sidewalk dining at Match or elm, CT has some incredibly a great choices.

View our guide to 40+ restaurants with great outdoor dining spaces on!

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  1. jeff "jfood" schlesinger @CTbites says:


    I think if you look at the CTbites list of places you will see restaurants offering a wide range of prices. Overtons is a good example of an inexpensive location overlooking the water and there are several places that serve pizzas, meatballs and small plates.

  2. Walt says:

    Great for all the 1%ers, where should the rest of us go?