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National Doughnut Day in CT

Friday June 6 is National Doughnut Day!

Yes, it’s an actual holiday… it started in 1938 and has been celebrated on the first Friday in June ever since.  Back then, making doughnuts proved a complicated ordeal, with people resorting to wine bottles as rolling pins and metal tins as cutting edges.  Today, however, several CT cafes and restaurants have made doughnuts an art form.  This Doughnut Day, grab a doughnut from one of the delectable choices below.

(And for those of you who might guilty about getting your fix… the Salvation Army started Doughnut Day as a philanthropic endeavor!  During the First World War, women would bake donuts for famished, wounded soldiers on an allocated day.  Dig in!)

  1. Lakeside Diner, Stamford
  2. Beach Donuts, Old Lyme
  3. Darien Doughnut, Darien
  4. Orangeside, New Haven
  5. Zeppoleme, Port Chester
  6. Lorca, Stamford
  7. Coffee An’ Donuts, Westport
  8. Stew Leonard’s, Norwalk, Danbury, Newington, Yonkers
  9. SoNo Baking Company, Norwalk


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Emma Doody