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CT’s Best Dairy Farm Ice Cream

You can’t get closer to farm fresh ice cream than tasting it at the farm.  Not only do you see the cows; you whiff them, and that aroma is part of the authenticity of the experience, if not the charm.  Sure, these farms aren’t close by.  But they’re “Worth The Drive”   And worth the lick: usually the freshest, creamiest, and most flavorful retail ice cream available in Connecticut.

While Chocolate and Vanilla remain cash cows, dairy farms also offer a greater array of flavors than you’ll find at parlors or in the supermarket freezer case.  In fact, farmers have begun to rival restaurant chefs for sheer inventiveness and culinary dairying-doo.

So, for your and your family’s guilty or innocent pleasures, we submit our favorite cow-to-cone  ice creams here.

  1. UCONN Dairy Bar, Storrs
  2. Arethusa Dairy Farm, Litchfield
  3. Buttonwood Farms, Griswold
  4. Collins Creamery, Enfield
  5. Ferris Acres, Newtown
  6. Rich Farm, Oxford