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10 Places for Great CT Coffee

Get your buzz on… with great local coffee, that is!  Whether you need a caffeine jolt to power your mornings or just love the aroma, these places will serve you a delicious cup of java.  There’s even a food truck devoted to coffee where you can get your fix!

  1. Buzz Truck, Fairfield County
  2. Espresso Neat, Darien and Westport
  3. Lorca, Stamford
  4. Fat Cat Pie Co, Norwalk
  5. Redding Roasters, Bethel
  6. Zumbachs Coffee, New Canaan
  7. Coffee Barn, Wilton
  8. Sugar & Olives, Norwalk
  9. Tusk & Cup, Ridgefield
  10. Shearwater Coffee Roasters, Trumbull

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5 Responses

  1. joe says:

    too bad you narrowed your search to the “wealthier” neighborhoods of CT!
    Last Drop Coffee Shop in Monroe should’ve/could’ve been on that list

  2. Theron says:

    The fact that Molten Java of Bethel was not noted makes me question the validity of this whole article. Coffee from everywhere else has been ruined for me, as it tastes like an echo of MJ’s delightful treat. Especially their Turkish!

  3. Tim Becker says:

    What about Cafe Atlantique in the center of Milford?!!! It’s the best around!!

  4. igor12 says:

    Still like Ronny McD’s the best and it’s the cheapest.

  5. Mark Weber says:

    How did you miss Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea in New Haven?