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18 Farm-to-Table Restaurants in CT

Farm-to-table dining is more than just a trend.  It embraces the environment, supports local farms, promotes healthy eating, and showcases local ingredients.  While destinations like California get great attention for farm-to-table cuisine, Connecticut boasts a plethora of restaurants serving dishes comprised of local, farm-fresh products.

  1. Zinc, New Haven
  2. Le Farm, Westport
  3. The Schoolhouse, Wilton
  4. Artisan, Southport
  5. Match, SONO
  6. Elm, New Canaan
  7. L’escale, Greenwich
  8. Bar Sugo, Norwalk
  9. Parallel Post, Trumbull
  10. South End, New Canaan
  11. The Spread, SONO
  12. Caseus, New Haven
  13. Sugar & Olives, Norwalk
  14. Boxcar Cantina, Greenwich
  15. Bloodroot, Bridgeport
  16. Farmers Table, New Canaan
  17. Terrain, Westport
  18. River Tavern, Chester
Emma Doody