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Foodie Fun: Dishcrawl – Dine Around Darien

What’s this Dishcrawl thing, you say? Is it like a pubcrawl? Yes… and no. Similar concept, but much classier. It’s a pubcrawl for grown-ups. Instead of ingesting copious amounts of alcohol as you and your college besties try to hold each other upright as you stumble from bar to bar, you sample tasty dishes by top chefs at the hottest restaurants. Level up.

How does it work? You can search for Dishcrawls in your area and purchase tickets on the Dishcrawl website. Once you’ve registered for a crawl, you’ll get an email with the meeting location, 48 hours prior to the event. A local Dishcrawl ambassador leads the group through three different restaurants in the neighborhood. Participants (‘Crawlers’) walk from place to place (like you do on a pubcrawl) to taste three different dishes at each location.

This Dishcrawl took us to three very popular spots in Darien’s surprisingly hip dining scene: Scena Wine Bar & Restaurant, Meatball & Co., and Bodega Taco Bar. Upcoming Dishcrawl events include the Mommy Foodie Fair on May 7 and the Brunchcrawl Eggstravaganza on June 8.

For more information about Dishcrawl in Fairfield County, visit the website here.

Photos from Dishcrawl – Dine Around Darien

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Julie Bess Hymans

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