Fairfield Prep Struggles in 13-6 Defeat to Wilton

Fairfield Prep coach Chris Smalkais was far from pleased with his teams effort in Wilton’s massive 13-6 win over the Jesuits on Friday.

In a performance he called “very lackluster,” Prep was downed by a Wilton squad that appeared far more confident, poised, and prepared for one of the biggest games on either teams schedule in 2012.

“I thought we were well on our way to preparing for the playoffs,” Smalkais said. We definitely took a step back today. We’re making mistakes in mid-May that are characteristic of mid-March. We’ve been playing lacrosse for two months.”

Although Prep outshot the Warriors in the contest, it never felt like the hosts were going to get back into the game after falling behind early. Wilton felt content letting the Jesuits fire shot after shot over the net from distance and counter attacked whenever the ball went to the ground. It’s transition attack, along with the usual dominance of faceoff man Ted Ottens, made all the difference as Wilton held Prep to four goals over the first 36 minutes of the game.

“Realistically, we made the game much easier for them to play and much more difficult for us,” Smalkais said. “I’m extremely surprised that a Fairfield Prep team this late in the season gave up 13 goals.”

Today, I asked Greenwich coach Scott Bulkley, who has coached against Darien, Wilton, and Prep this season, who he thought the best team in the state.

“It’s tough to say; on any given day they each pose different problems,” he said.

Maybe on another day, Prep would have had more accuracy shooting, which would have prevented many of the counter attack goals that occurred, but it was Wilton who came away with a major, and highly deserved, victory.

Fortunately for the Jesuits, it’s just one defeat that means relatively little as far as positioning is concerned. As long as they can mentally move on, they will remain one of the favorites for the SCC and Class L titles.

Ryan Lacey