Ridgefield rebounds, wins big one vs. New Canaan

The longer this game went, the more patient Ridgefield seemed, the more the Tigers seemed to have the ball, the more they created scoring chances. This was probably closer than the 13-5 final — Ridgefield delayed, New Canaan pressured, Ridgefield took advantage; New Canaan took more chances offensively — but it was certainly a solid bounce-back for Ridgefield from Tuesday’s disappointment.

Eric Persky, Will Bonaparte battle

Faceoffs seem important. Think this is one. New Canaan’s Eric Persky (in black) and Ridgefield’s Will Bonaparte battle. (Scott Mullin/For Hearst Newspapers)

Ground balls and faceoffs, then, seem to matter just a little. Roy Colsey and Cal Dearth were very complimentary of Will Bonaparte’s work on draws. And the Tigers seemed to win possession almost every time they could. “Every time there was a loose ball, (on Tuesday, Darien) got it,” Colsey said. “Today, it was kind of the law of averages.”

And that would help anyone… But it sure helps Ridgefield. “We’ve got a relatively high-powered offense,” Colsey said. “We’ve got the ability to score in bunches. When we get the ball, make good defensive stops, get possession, we have a lot of guys who can put the ball in the net.”

New Canaan had good moments but possession cost them in big spots. “We’re learning how to play together as a team,” coach Chip Buzzeo said. “We’ve had a great season. I’m still very optimistic, but anybody can win a lacrosse game, especially when the other team is more aggressive, more tenacious on ground balls.

Stopped off at Barlow on the way (as much as it was “on the way.” Neighboring towns, and the ride took over half an hour). Caught the first three quarters of Barlow’s 15-7 win. Brookfield cut the Falcons’ lead to 7-5 in the third quarter — looked pretty creative offensively when it could get set up — but Barlow ran off four in a row before I hit the backroads. I saw Barlow last week against Stratford (somewhat randomly), and the Falcons’ passing early Thursday didn’t look much like it did last Thursday, which could be the opponent (Brookfield’s 10-3) or could be the weather (we in the bleachers suffered a pretty steady rain for the first 18 minutes or so, until the sun was in our eyes). But it seemed to be in good shape throughout. Armchair, partial observations from under an umbrella.

And sorry for the lateness. Had to stop to write the gamer, got tied up with something else… and I’m always amazed at how hard it seems to get in and out of Ridgefield. (Especially when you make a wrong turn. Fun in the dark.)

Michael Fornabaio