Barlow getting ready to roll

Joel Barlow's #1 Liam Rooney shoots from between Daniel Hand High School's #20 Matt Oman and #8 Ryan Gabriele during a boys varsity lacrosse game at Joel Barlow High School in Redding, Conn, on Thursday, May 16, 2013. Photo: H John Voorhees III

Joel Barlow’s #1 Liam Rooney shoots from between Daniel Hand High School’s #20 Matt Oman and #8 Ryan Gabriele during a boys varsity lacrosse game at Joel Barlow High School in Redding, Conn, on Thursday, May 16, 2013. Photo: H John Voorhees III

Last year’s SWC runner-up and Class S champion finished up a 15-1 regular season tonight, and Barlow’s still unbeaten in Connecticut. A strong first quarter made sure a less-dominant second and so-so third (except in goal, where Cooper Brown couldn’t have made better saves) wouldn’t cost the Falcons against Hand.

They were patient as usual in the first, taking their time to get the looks they wanted. “We worked the ball really well,” coach John Distler said. “We’re looking to get layups. We don’t really have the big outside shooters.”

At the same time, when they had opportunities to get the ball to the net, they took them. Jack Shaban in particular found holes and ran right into them.

“I think we run the field fairly well. We get a couple of goals that way every game,” Distler said.

So it’s on to the playoffs. In SWC Division 1, Barlow gets Monday off while New Milford and Brookfield face off for the right to play the Falcons on Tuesday at Newtown. Third-seeded Newtown and sixth-seeded Weston meet to decide who’ll get New Fairfield. The last two standing meet Thursday at Brookfield.

And then it’s states… albeit with a different look for Barlow.

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Michael Fornabaio

9 Responses

  1. FCIACLaxDad says:

    by the way, I have seen the RELAX program grow and get better every year. I trust that is where teh Barlow kids come from. That youth organization is doing an EXCELLENT job. Hats off to them and the boys!!!!

  2. FCIACLaxDad says:

    Jope, what does that mean?? Pre-season what?!?!!?
    Greenwich beat Brunswick in OT in scrimmage (that was no scrimmage)… you think Wilton and staples won’t play Barlow because they are afraid of losing?? Please!!!! They don’t play you because they schedule out of conference games with teams like Yorktown, john jay, St. Anthony’s and Fairfield prep! Like the other top FCIAC teams do..
    staples did not have a very strong schedulle this year but has done incredible well in the L Tournament over the past several years…

  3. FCIACLaxDad says:

    Wilton 9, barlow 4, enough said!!!!!
    Oh, by the way, Greenwich beat Wilton at wilton ealry in season.
    They would have beat statples (aggagin) if Greenwihc was not missing top three offensive guys to injury in the second round of the states!!! But no excuses, they lost by a goal!

  4. jope says:

    One FCIAC school for Barlow as over the last two years, both Staples and Wilton dropped them. For good reason. Barlow would’ve beaten both of them (Barlow does preseason camp with Staples, so they know them)

    Wilton used the lame excuse about Trinity Catholic coming in to the league in 2012.
    Staples dropped them this year, after last year’s game.

    Just setting the facts straight as to why only one FCIAC school….

  5. swcinsider says:

    hear ill give you another story you know how in football
    the scc thinks its better then the fciac well lets ask
    them whos better in lax. Barlow maybe entering the
    world of elites like Darien or Wilton, etc. etc. See
    theirs plenty of stuff to write with out mentioning you know who

  6. It’s cute how you fixate on Greenwich while commenting on a post about Barlow.

  7. swcinsider says:

    greenwich learns big lesson in loss to staples who’s staples i dont know we dont write about them only GW

  8. FCIACLaxDad says:

    Greenwich has had some nice wins since your comments, Darien, Staples and Ridgefield. 3 miracles???Barlow played one FCIAC school and barely beat them (McMahon by a goal). Why all the hatred toward Greenwich and the FCIAC?

  9. swcinsider says:

    what do you know a miracle happens every day. your GW
    boys will be out in the first round