Foran rolls into Class L semis

There’s a lot of high school softball left to be played between now and next Saturday, but it’s going to be very tough for me to choose my final No. 1 in the Register poll if Foran wins Class L and Seymour wins Class M.

Foran will be the SCC champion, with one loss, while Seymour will be undefeated and the NVL champ — if both win out.

I write this because Foran is probably the most impressive team I’ve seen all season, as they took care of No. 8 Wethersfield in the Class L quarterfinals, 4-0, with relative ease. Is it enough to leapfrog Seymour, which has been entrenched at the No. 1 spot, however?

I asked Eagles’ coach Brian Fanelli if he thought Foran was the best team he played against this year?

His answer:

“By far, top to bottom, if they lose I’d be shocked.”

Who’s No. 1 in any Connecticut high school sport, on the surface, is a silly argument, yet some people take it very seriously, so with that in mind my final vote is going to be very difficult if both No. 1 seeds win out.

Other thoughts:

* Foran catcher Dani Kemp might be the fastest catcher in the state. Flies around the bases.

* Foran pitcher Jess Harkness might have been the shortest player on the field, but she throws really hard. Plus she pounds the outside corner for lefties and inside corner for righties. Tough combo, as Wethersfield found out.

* Foran centefielder Rebekah DeRosa made a nice catch on the warning track in the fourth inning to rob Alex Swanson.

* Foran/Brookfield in the Class L semifinals next week should have plenty of hitting. Could be a good one.