Hats make headway

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It may not be snowing quite yet, but this winter’s weather seems unpredictable. Bring out the scarves, the mittens, and the boots.

Frigid winds will force you to bundle up. Some teens dread the season, because they feel as though it limits their style. True, there’s no getting too gorgeous in a layered coat and last year’s dirty snow boots.

Winter is a tough time to make a statement, because even if you’ve got a head-turning top tucked beneath, it’s too cold to tell.

Don’t let that stop you from flashing your fashion this month, though.

Believe it or not, there is certainly a way to make your style standout.

It’s hard to do with mittens or socks. Who’s looking? A coat may do the trick, but chances are, you won’t find the frock that keeps you warm and wows the crowd, within the barriers of your budget.

So what do you do?

Use your head, of course. Hats, in fact, are the perfect way to make your statement. They do what a coat cannot; they keep your ears warm and your fashion, fabulous.

Hats are one of the few winter garments that aren’t limiting to the wardrobe. There are all sorts of variations: in size, shape, length, color, and even material. Some may suit you better than others, but they’re fun to try on too.

“I feel like this season is made for super warm knit winter hats. I love the loose knit ones; I wear them with my hair parted in the middle and braided or with a side pony,or just down, depending on where I’m going and what I’m wearing. I also like the hats with the faux fur peeking out of the sides. They’re usually really warm,” said Joran Kovacs, a junior at Shelton High School.

Ok, so what makes a hat ‘suiting’? First and foremost, it’s ideal to ensure your hat is something you’re going to be happy with. It should be strong enough to last you through the winter.

You should also consider your personal hairstyle. Will the hat you’ve chosen work with your hairstyle? Will it cover too much of your face, and sink below
your ears? It may not be the right fit.

The great news is that hats are multi purpose. Show of your long locks or your short curls that sit at your shoulders. A cute hat can make all the difference, on a good hair day or a bad.

Perhaps you’re more concerned with your face: a new shade of lipstick or an eyeshadow that outlines your eyes. Hats are a great way to make your face a focal.

This year, in fact, they seem to be the “it” of seasonal clothes. “Yes, hats are very much in style. I love wearing a classic beret or a free hanging beanie,” said Andrea Joy Pringle, a junior at Central Magnet High School, in Bridgeport.

Though while some see hats as a hit, others have a different perspective.

“For guys it seems that baseball hats are always in. Now I’m seeing more snap-backs too. I don’t see a lot of girls wearing hats, except during the winter. Outside I might wear a cap, but I don’t get into trendy hats,” said Elizabeth O’Brien, a senior at Joel Barlow High School in Redding, of Easton.

Fans of hats, however, are looking forward to the winter weather and showing off their newfound knits.

“I’ve definitely been seeing more hats lately, but I have always been the type to wear hats. I love to wear beanies, baseball hats, and any kind of silly hat. I recently bought a black cloche and I adore it, it’s a bit classier than my usual,” said Maggie DeCapua, a sophomore at Stratford High School.

Don’t be afraid to show yours off too. When the weather outside is frightful, you’ll be sure to look delightful.

So fasten your coat, cover your fingers, and make your statement, because hats are making headway.

Written by Alexis Christy, a senior at Jonathan Law High School of Milford.