Spring trends bloom

Spring is here! And with it comes flowy shirts, colored skinnies, and bright accessories. As the seasons change, so do trends, as teens move from heavy winter wear to light warm weather clothing.
From teen to teen, favorite springtime trends vary. Among the most common are nail colors that pop, skirts and shorts, as well as different types of jewelry. “Recently, I have been really into painting my nails pretty and fun colors,” says Kelly Burns, a senior at Fairfield Warde, “I feel like I can get away with brighter colors in the spring time so I’m always sure to change up the color every so often.” It seems to be that the colors are what makes spring apperal differ from other seasons. Bright as well as pastel colors make any outfit noticable during this time.
An outfit is nothing without accessories. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can add a soft touch or an edgy flare when paired with the right outfit. Teens have different preferences when it comes to what kind of jewelry they wear.
“I keep my jewelry fairly basic for school because I rush in the morning,” says Maggie DeCapua, a junior at Stratford High School.
Jewelry can have many effects on an outfit, from giving it a dash of drama to a pinch of sophistication, it can really add that extra “oomph” to the look you’re going for.
While some teens tend to play is safe, others splurge and accesorize everything from their nail colors to their iPhone cases.
A lot of fashion trends this season spring are vintage-inspired.
“I’m very inspired by the 1960’s this season, I’m ready to add some “mod” to my wardrobe,” says Erica Scott, a senior at Bunnell High School in Stratford, “Stripes, big sunglasses, and checkerboard print are all very cool to me, it’s time to channel my inner Twiggy.”
When it comes to trends and school, there is often a conflict. While teens like to pierce everything from their ears to their lip to their belly button, school rules may allow otherwise. It is often hard for a teen, who plays sports or other physical activies, to get a piercing. And many teens try hiding their piecings with sports tape or band-aids. Though to be on the safe side, it is smarter to just wait rather than put your body in harm for the sake of fashion.
As the flowers blossom, so do new fashion ideas. Whatever it is you chose to wear this spring season, just be you, be fabulous, and rock it out!

Written by Andrea Joy Pringle, a senior at Central Magnet High School in Bridgeport