To trick or treat?

October is a month that people can enjoy because it is when the peak of fall begins. Also, the candy, costumes, and decorations of the holiday of Halloween can excite people. People can participate in Halloween traditions, such as decorating their lawns and carving pumpkins.

“I always go pumpkin picking with my parents and carve Jack-o-lanterns with my dad,” says Maggie DeCapua, a senior at Stratford High School.

Even so, trick or treating remains the most popular Halloween activity among kids and young adults. Half the fun of Halloween is receiving candy while being dressed in a silly or scary costume or giving out candy to the people that show up at the door.

“I bought a tooth fairy costume this year for trick or treating,” says, Matthew Monroe, a sophomore at Stratford High School.

Going out and getting candy as a holiday tradition seems ageless, but some people believe that trick or treating has a limit. After a certain age, teens can lose interest and no longer enjoy going trick or treating.

“Sixteen is the age to stop trick or treating because I am currently sixteen and will not be trick or treating this year,” says Brittany Kuznitz, a junior at Trumbull High School. “I went last year and it lost all the appeal that it had when we were children.”

However, other teens feel that there can never be an age when trick or treating seems old.

“I think there is no age when you are too old, as long as you don’t make other people uncomfortable,” says Mary Balducci, a junior at Trumbull High School. “I think if you have fun doing it, you shouldn’t be forced to stop because of your age.”

On whether or not to go trick or treating, there will always be different opinions. However, the activity of giving out and receiving candy will never be exhausted. It is what Halloween is mainly composed of and what people look forward to.

Written by Kathryn Cullen, a freshman at Stratford High School; Taylor Clomiro, a freshman at Newtown High School; and Esha Deshmukh, of Milford, a senior at Jonathan Law High School.