Trends: Spring fashion

Teenage girls are starting to make the transition form painting their nails with dark reds and blues to bright yellows and feirce fuchsias.

This small, yet subtle, sign indicates that spring is here and ready to kick winter to the curb with spring fashion.

“I usually incorprate lighter colors and more florals into my wardrobe,” says Elizabeth Poland of Orange, a sophomore at Amity High School,in Woodbridge.

With flowers coming back to life on both blouses and in gardens, many teens are beginning to wear clothes that resemble the weather that surrounds them.

As the weather changes, the trends that teens pick up for the season make the change as well.

“ My style changes for spring by transitioning from darker colors to lighter and softer colors,” says Alison Kuznitz, a junior at Trumbull High School.

When many teens think of spring the first thing that comes to mind is bright colors or warmth.

Many teens see warmer weather as a time to ditch their itchy sweaters for more comfortable, form-fitting clothing.

“My clothes get more colorful and I start to wear thinner types of clothing rather than thick sweaters,” says Sarah Cizmazia, a freshman at Newton High School.

The transition of clothing seems to be the part of spring that is celebrated the most.

You don’t have to wear different layers of clothes,which can make fashion a more enjoyable experience for some.

There is no law that states that you have to buy spring clothing at a certain time of the year, but many people shop for new clothes at the start of spring.

“I usually start my shopping in March, right when it gets warmer,” says Poland.

March is the destination point for fashion savvy shoppers. Everyone has different instincts when it comes to fashion,but many students are dead on with today’s fashion designers.

According to Seventeen magazine flouncy skirts and flowy dresses are the go to items for this season.

“I think floral prints and go-to flowy dresses are essential pieces to have for spring,” says Esha Deshmukh, a senior at Jonathan Law High School, in Milford.

While some students prefer a bohemian look, many others prefer alternative styles that are seen in stores such as Zumiez or HotTopic.

“ I like croptops, skatershirts, and high-heeled sneakers because they’re flattering and are getting more popular,” says Cizmazia

Although teens may never be able to agree on what to wear, many find common ground when it comes to footwear.

“A great pair of sandals is always a spring essential,” says Kuznitz.

As the weather gets warmer what teens wear on their feet is not only important for being comforatble, but can also be a fashion statement.

“ I usually wear more Sperry’s and sneakers as the weather gets warmer,” says Winston Pauley, a freshman at Fairfield Warde High School.

Footwear changes from fuzzy Ugg boots to flats and sandals,which are go-to items for both males and females.

Fashion isn’t just about what you wear, but how you wear it. Style, and more importanly, how style changes from season to seaon, is something that many teenagers find important.

While some take the stance of practicality and comfort over fashion, others use fashion to express themselves and try new styles

Written by Ashley Smith of Derby, a junior at Co-op Arts and Humanities High School, and Gretchen Kuhsel of Easton, a senior at Joel Barlow High School, Redding.