Web entrepreneurs discuss ‘Art of Data’ at Franklin Street Works

Sam Sagnella and Jeff Schram have each created websites that harness Internet data on popular subjects — Sagnella’s is about tornadoes; Schram’s is about poop.

The Connecticut-based entrepreneurs will be on hand to talk about their websites in an aptly-titled discussion, S#!T/Storm: The Art of Data, at Franklin Street Works, 41 Franklin St., Stamford on Wednesday, June 13, 5:30-7 p.m.

On EveryTornado.net, Sagnella provides a broad insight into United States tornadoes by supplementing statistical data with first-hand video gathered from those who witnessed the twisters.

On PoopStats.com, Schram investigates the phenomenon of people Tweeting with the hashtag #pooping, an identifier used by members of the micr0-blogging site who are making number two.

From the folks at Franklin Street Works:

“(The gallery) named this exciting program S#!T/Storm: The Art of Data to reflect the themes, humor, and freshness of these digital thinkers and their projects! Through projected images, informal lecture, and performance, we will learn more about the thinking, logistics and interfaces of these nascent websites.”

For more information, call 203-253-0404 or visit Franklin Street Works online.

Scott Gargan