On the trail of …

If your version of a trail only goes so far as the kind you might find in the woods, you may want to consider branching out.

In time for summer and fall travel, the Connecticut’s Central Regional Tourism District has released this year’s “Burgers & Brews” guide, as well as included information on its website about the various restaurants and other stops on the state’s “Burgers & Brews Trail.”

Though there are plenty of stops one can make in lower Fairfield County, the trail is primarily focused on those towns and cities situated along the Connecticut River, including the greater New Haven area.

This is just one of many trails to check out. For instance, I didn’t know there was a Connecticut Hot Dog trail (you can get a taste from ctoriginals.com’s video above) or a Connecticut Freedom Trail. I did know about the Connecticut Wine Trail, though, as well as the Connecticut Art Trail. And, I am sure there are many more that I missed.

Of course, there are trails that celebrate the state’s natural resources. You can find a rather comprehensive list here. And, the state’s tourism department has a list of the top 10 hiking trails across the state.

If you decide to set out, let me know what you find.

Christina Hennessy