Songs by Bridgeport’s Arika Kane featured on VH1

If you watch VH1, than you’ve definitely heard the voice of Arika Kane.

Kane, a Bridgeport pop/R&B singer, has had her song, “Make It,” selected as the theme to “Hollywood Exes,” a new reality show airing on VH1 Wednesdays at 9 p.m. In the past, her songs have been featured on “What Chilli Wants,” “Basketball Wives” and “Single Ladies.”

“Make It,” the first track off the 28-year-old singer’s self-titled debut album, can be heard in the opening credits of “Hollywood Exes,” which chronicles the struggles and aspirations of Hollywood celebs who have moved on from their famous ex-husbands.

“It’s a song that tells about my story, and it’s uplifting and inspiring,” Kane said of the track. “The fact that a song that is so personal for me is going to be out there, being heard, and connecting me to my audience in a different way as far as encouraging people to overcome their obstacles and just go for the gold and do what you’ve got to do to make it and be happy, is something for which I’m very thankful.”

Kane dropped her sophomore album, “Substance,” earlier this year. Upon its release, the record shot to No. 8 on Amazon’s Most Popular Albums in R&B and No. 2 on its Hot New Releases list.

Listen to “Make It” in the promo for Hollywood Exes, below:

Scott Gargan