Photographers capture “Important Incidentals” at Silvermine

Optical illusions, unexpected perspectives and natural illumination have found their way to the walls of the Silvermine Arts Center this month, with the arrival of the exhibition “Important Incidentals,” which features the work of five guild artists.

Using their cameras, Miggs Burroughs, Leigh Leibel, Torrance York, Jeremy Saladyga, Alan Shulik and Majorie Gilette Wolfe, have created a show diverse in its images, but united in theme, which in this case could cover something significant, something fleeting or something that is not expected.

Visitors to the show will have an opportunity to see Burroughs “Newd” series, lenticular images that not only highlight nude masterpieces, but reveal viewers who are become a mirror of the objects they are viewing, all created with optical effects. Liebel reaches back to antiquity, as well as the early 20th century for “Self Portrait #9.” York asks the viewer to eye her subjects with challenging perspectives, while Wolfe, works with variations. Shulik benefits from natural illumination and Saladyga takes his lens to an unexpected place to catch the scene of people in motion.

The show opens with a reception on Sunday, Nov. 11, 2 to 4 p.m., at the center, 1037 Silvermine Road, New Canaan. The show will run until Dec. 20. Visit the center’s website for more information, or call 203-966-9700.

Christina Hennessy