Did 1994 produce the best albums of the 90s?

The realization happened, like many do, over pints of beer at a Seattle bar. You know, the most influential year for 1990s music was 1994, my buddy Morgan Marshall said. What? 1994? But the grunge era started way before that, and monumental rap albums came out years before. Why was 1994 so great? He made a […] [Read More]
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Jennifer Aniston filming in Stamford, Greenwich

Above: Jennifer Aniston was on Washington Boulevard in Stamford earlier this week filming scenes for a new movie. (Photo/Dru Nadler) Actress Jennifer Aniston has appeared in Greenwich and Stamford this week, filming for a new movie based on a novel by Elmore Leonard. Aniston, along with a film crew, have been shooting scenes for the […] [Read More]