Jennifer Aniston filming in Stamford, Greenwich

Actress Jennifer Aniston has appeared in Greenwich and Stamford this week, filming for a new movie based on a novel by Elmore Leonard.

Aniston, along with a film crew, have been shooting scenes for the yet-to-be-titled movie at the Two Door Restaurant in the Chickahominy section of Greenwich, in front of empty storefronts on the corner of Washington Boulevard and Bell Street in Stamford and on Van Rensselaer Avenue in the city’s Shippan Point neighborhood.

The Washington Boulevard storefronts were dressed to mirror 1970s Detroit, the setting of the film, and vintage cars were featured in several scenes, according to Mark Dixon, head of location services at the Connecticut Office of Film, Television and Digital Media.

Shooting will continue until the first week of March at unspecified locations, Dixon said.

This film, based on Elmore’s novel “The Switch” (not to be confused with Anistons’s 2010 film of the same name), is a 1970’s crime drama revolving around two criminals who are both doing time for grand theft auto and meet in prison. Isla Fisher, John Hawkes, Tim Robbins, Will Forte and Mos Def star alongside Aniston. The movie is set for a 2014 release, according to IMDB.

Production crews wanted to film at the Greenwich Reform Synagogue earlier in the week, but leaders ultimately decided against it.

Ellen Wolf, production services


Scott Gargan