Local emcees host all-ages hip hop show in Bridgeport

Connecticut’s own hip hop stable The Full Blast Movement will host the third installment of its free all-ages concert at Bridgeport’s Rampage Skate Park on Friday, March 8 at 7 p.m.

Rampage Rager 3 will feature a bevy of national and local acts, including Bizarre (formerly of the Eminem-founded rap group D12); New Haven emcee/singer/songwriter Ceschi; and Baltimore-based rap/rock outfit Rebel Inc. (for the full line-up go here).

You might remember D12 for their string of early 2000s hits, including “Purple Pills,” “Fight Music,” “How Come” and “My Band.” Bizarre has released three solo LPs; his new album, “11,” is due to be released this year.

Duece Bug, a Norwalk native and member of The Full Blast Movement, organized the event as a way to get kids off the streets and to ease the tensions plaguing the Park City.

“It’s so important to have this event, especially considering how bad Bridgeport has been lately,” he said. “In a 10 block radius of my house, you see memorials of kids who’ve been shot. It’s ridiculous how much violence there has been.”

The Full Blast Movement — Duece Bug, Chuck Nickels, MetaMusick (Soho and Unikron) and White Cheddar — pack their touring schedule with plenty of all ages shows. However, many of them are at clubs and bars, which tend to attract 21 and over crowds. Already a youth hang out, Rampage Skate Park is “the perfect venue” for the younger set, Duece Bug said.

“It’s set up for that and I try to take advantage of it,” he said, adding that he’s “constantly amazed by how much the whole Rampage team cares about the community and the youth.”

Duece Bug recently dropped his new mixtape, “Industrial Demolition. “Mantis,” his upcoming new LP, is set for a May release.

Check out videos by Bizarre and Full Blast Movement, below:

Scott Gargan