Dart on over to Audubon Greenwich for special screening

As part of the launch of its Hummingbirds At Home science initiative, Audubon Greenwich (613 Riversville Road, Greenwich) will host a special screening Friday of the PBS Nature program, “Hummingbirds: Magic In The Air,” as well as a visit by Geoff LeBaron, the National Director of Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count. (Above, you can see a preview of the show’s original broadcast.)

The evening, which will run 6 to 8:30 p.m., is a chance to catch the show, which first premiered in 2010. Using high-tech cameras and advanced techniques, the film crew was able to capture a creature that can beat its wings up to 200 times a second. You can see what the crew went through during this “behind-the-scenes” program.  The crew’s techniques also enables viewers to see how these diminutive creatures are able to hover, fly backwards and fly upside down.

For those who want to attract some hummingbirds to their homes, there will be information on this new citizen science program, which will ask individuals to keep track of the hummingbirds that they see. Data that is collected will help further knowledge about the birds and help to develop conservation strategies, according to organizers.

The cost for the evening is $10 adults, $5 youth. A reception is planned prior to the screening. Registration is requested by emailing greenwichcenter@audubon.org or by calling 203-869-5272, Ext. 239.

Christina Hennessy