Museum’s baby goats named after Kathie Lee and Hoda

Kathie Lee and Hoda.DSC_0088

Each week on “The Today Show,” Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb present their ‘Baby of the Week’ segment.

Normally, it’s a human baby in the spotlight. But Gifford and Kotb might want to consider making an exception for a pair of furry, four-legged, “baaa”-ing newborns.

That’s because these infants — baby goats born this month at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center — were named after the chatty network co-hosts.

Kathie Lee (pictured on left) was born May 1 to mom Delilah, and Hoda (right) was born May 3, along with a twin brother, to mom Butterscotch.

“We thought it would be fun to name our new kid girls after two women who are always ‘kiddin’ around,” said Victoria Marr, co-manager of Heckscher Farm at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center. “Kathie Lee and Hoda immediately came to mind.  We hope they’ll all get to meet each other sometime soon.”

Scott Gargan