I know what you’re doing this summer

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Where are the fans of summer plans?

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, area residents will have just about 100 days to find ways to enjoy what this “unofficial” stretch of summer has to offer. Will you stay to play or travel some distance away to find your bliss?

Do you plan to take a hike, stroll along a main street, take in the sun and surf, hike up a mountain, listen to some music or give outdoor theater a try? Will you be sailing into the sunset or scaling a rock wall? Will you take to the roads, the rails or the water to arrive at your favored destination?

We want to hear from readers about their favorite summer activities and destinations, whether close to home or within a day or two away. Do these activities or places have special meanings? Are they part of a family tradition? Do you have plans to try something new this year?

Send your suggestions to localnews@scni.com by Wednesday, May 22. Please include your name and phone number. We plan to publish the entries during the Memorial Day weekend, which begins Saturday, May 25. Memorial Day is May 27.

Here are a few categories to get you thinking — or daydreaming — about where you’ll be putting your beach blanket or just chilling out this summer. Hit the comments link below to share your suggestions.

Summer, in waves

Fairfield County residents have no lack of waterways in which to play this summer. From the broad expanse of Long Island Sound to the many rivers and streams that crisscross the area, be ready to get your toes wet.

Making a day of it

Connecticut features a multitude of attractions and activities, and there are even more beyond the state’s borders. Whether you take to the roads, the rails or the water to achieve your destination, where are people going?

Having some fun, naturally

Trails, forests, parks, campgrounds and other open spaces will be feeling the tread of visitors’ feet this summer.

Entertaining evenings

Summer nights will be alive with the sound of music, stage craft and cinema.

Youthful pursuits

When the inevitable complaint of boredom crosses your youngsters’ lips, you will be well served to know there are more than a few activities and venues that can turn that frown upside down.

Jonathan Lucas